Halmahera Giant Gecko for Sale


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Halmahera Giant Gecko for Sale

Halmahera Giant Gecko for Sale

Discover our collection of rarely-seen Halmahera Giant geckos for sale at fantastic prices! These Asian lizards are known for their large size and love for insects and fruits.

Why Choose Our Halmahera Giant Geckos?

  • Rare and Unique: Our Halmahera Giant geckos are seldom seen in the reptile trade, making them a unique addition to any collection.
  • Impressive Size: These geckos attain a large size, making them a striking presence in any enclosure.
  • Varied Diet: Feeding on insects and fruits, Halmahera Giant geckos have diverse dietary needs.
  • Also Known As: These geckos are also known as Banana geckos and “Poor Man’s Leachie” due to their resemblance to New Caledonian Giant geckos.
  • 100% Live Arrival Guarantee: When you buy a gecko from us, you automatically receive our live arrival guarantee.

Sexing Your Halmahera Giant Gecko

Request a male or female lizard (or any combination) when ordering medium or adult-sized animals. While we can’t guarantee the sex, our experienced team will try their best to accommodate your request.

Shipping Your Halmahera Giant Gecko

Enjoy fast and reliable overnight delivery for just $44.99, regardless of the number of reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates you purchase. In rare instances of extreme weather conditions, we may delay shipping to ensure the safety of your new pet(s). Rest assured, you’ll be promptly notified by email if any delays occur.

Don’t miss the chance to own one of these amazing Halmahera Giant geckos! Order now and experience the excitement of adding this rare species to your collection.


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