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Mali Uromastyx for Sale

Mali Uromastyx for Sale

Looking for beautiful Mali Uromastyx at incredible prices? Our Mali Uromastyx are available for sale at unbeatable prices. These desert lizards attain a moderate size and are one of the most popular species of uromastyx.


Mali Uromastyx are native to arid desert regions, requiring a habitat with plenty of space for basking, digging, and climbing.


These lizards are known for their active and curious behavior. They enjoy basking under heat lamps and exploring their environment.


Mali Uromastyx have a generally docile temperament, making them suitable pets for reptile enthusiasts of all levels.


Proper care includes providing a spacious enclosure with a variety of hiding spots, basking areas, and a diet rich in greens and vegetables.

Why Buy From Us?

When you buy a Mali Uromastyx from us, you’ll automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee, ensuring your pet arrives safely.

Sexing Your Mali Uromastyx

While we can’t guarantee the sex, our experienced reptile handlers will make every effort to accommodate your request for a specific gender.

Shipping Your Mali Uromastyx

Enjoy a flat rate of $49.99 for overnight delivery to your doorstep, regardless of the number of reptiles you order. In rare cases of adverse weather conditions, we may delay shipping to ensure the safety of your animals. You’ll be promptly notified via email if any delays occur.

Trust in Quality, Choose Us

We responsibly offer a variety of reptiles, amphibians, tarantulas, and scorpions online. With our commitment to providing healthy and vibrant Mali Uromastyx, you can trust us for all your reptile needs.


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