Green Iguana Care Sheet

Green Iguana Care Sheet

Discover essential care tips for Green iguanas based on firsthand expertise with these captivating tropical reptiles.

Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)

Description: Green iguanas are globally recognized for their iconic appearance and affable demeanor, making them a popular choice among reptile enthusiasts.

Range: Native to regions spanning from Southern Mexico to Brazil and various Caribbean islands, they have also been introduced into Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.

Physical Description: With sharp dorsal spines, a prominent hanging dewlap, and vibrant coloring ranging from muted browns to pastel greens, Green iguanas exhibit a striking and prehistoric appearance.

Size: Hatchlings start at approximately 9″ in length and can grow up to 72″ within seven years. Females are generally smaller than males, reaching weights of up to 18 pounds.

Behavior: Initially cautious, Green iguanas may display feistiness, especially during breeding seasons. However, with proper taming methods, they can become docile and content companions.

Enclosure: Construct a spacious enclosure measuring at least six feet in length, four feet in width, and four feet in height. Provide ample suspended branches for basking and substrate conducive to burrowing.

Heating & Humidity: Maintain basking spots at 115°F to 120°F with adequate humidity levels around 70%. Utilize halogen flood lights for heating and conservative ventilation to retain moisture.

Lighting: Supplement halogen flood basking bulbs with quality UV lighting to replicate natural sunlight and aid in vitamin D3 synthesis.

Feeding: Green iguanas thrive on a primarily vegetable-based diet supplemented with non-acidic fruits and occasional protein sources like insects. Ensure proper supplementation with vitamin and calcium powders.

Breeding: Breeding occurs naturally with healthy individuals, typically resulting in clutches of 12 to 30 eggs laid in suitable substrates such as play sand.

Price Range: Farm-bred specimens range from $20 to $75, with wild-caught lizards available for less. Browse Green iguanas for sale on our main website.

Species Notes: Green iguanas can live over 20 years with proper care, exhibiting unique behaviors such as expelling saline through their nose and swimming proficiently.

Summary: Despite initial caution, Green iguanas often become tame and interactive pets, appreciating interaction with their keepers. Ensure a spacious enclosure with optimal humidity levels for their well-being and consider captive breeding to support their conservation.

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