Borneo Blood Python for Sale


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Borneo Blood Python for Sale

Borneo Blood Python for Sale

Discover our collection of flawless captive-bred Borneo Blood Pythons available at the best prices online. This heavy-bodied Asian species reaches a medium size, making it an ideal addition to your reptile collection. When you purchase a snake from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

Habitat, Behavior, and Temperament

  • Habitat: Borneo Blood Pythons are native to the forests and swamps of Borneo, where they thrive in humid environments.
  • Behavior: These pythons are primarily nocturnal and spend much of their time hiding under foliage or in burrows. They are ambush predators, lying in wait for prey to pass by.
  • Temperament: Borneo Blood Pythons are known for their relatively calm temperament, though they can be defensive if they feel threatened. With proper handling, they can become accustomed to human interaction.


  • Enclosure: Provide a spacious enclosure with ample hiding spots and a substrate that retains humidity, such as cypress mulch or coconut husk.
  • Temperature and Humidity: Maintain a temperature gradient of 80-85°F (27-29°C) on the warm side and 75-80°F (24-27°C) on the cool side. Humidity levels should be kept between 50-60%.
  • Feeding: Offer appropriately sized prey, such as rats or rabbits, every 7-10 days for juveniles and every 10-14 days for adults.
  • Handling: Handle your Borneo Blood Python regularly to help keep it tame and accustomed to human interaction.

Why Buy from Us?

  • Quality Assurance: Our Borneo Blood Pythons are meticulously bred and cared for to ensure their health and quality.
  • Expert Selection: While we can’t guarantee the sex, our experienced team will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.
  • Convenient Shipping: We offer flat-rate overnight delivery for $49.99, ensuring your python arrives quickly and safely.
  • Weather Protection: In rare cases of adverse weather conditions, we may delay shipping to prioritize the safety of your new pet.
  • Live Arrival Guarantee: With our 100% live arrival guarantee, you can trust that your Borneo Blood Python will arrive in excellent condition.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one of these remarkable pythons. Purchase a Borneo Blood Python from us today and experience the beauty and majesty of this captivating species.


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