Caramel Carpet Python For Sale


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Caramel Carpet Python For Sale


Caramel Carpet Python For Sale

Explore our Baby Caramel Coastal Carpet Pythons for sale. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Species: Morelia spilota mcdowelli
  • Captive born babies
  • Approximately 20 inches in length from head to tail
  • Adults can reach lengths up to 5-9 feet
  • An active and agile hunter, feeding on live and frozen-thawed hopper mice weekly

Fun Facts:

  • Originating from the northeastern tip of Australia
  • These snakes boast gorgeous smooth caramel color with light tan patterns and black flecks
  • Carpet Pythons undergo a dramatic color change, gaining color with age

Care Tips:

  • These are semi-arboreal snakes, so make sure to include branches and an adequately sized water dish in your enclosure.
  • With proper care, they can live up to 20+ years in captivity.


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