Eastern Milksnake For Sale


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Eastern Milksnake For Sale

Eastern Milksnake For Sale

Explore our Eastern Milksnakes (Lampropeltis triangulum) available for purchase! Here are some exciting details:

  • Field Collected
  • Size: Approximately 2-3 Feet in Length from Head to Tail
  • Adults typically reach up to 36 inches in length on average
  • Feeding on pinky mice weekly

Fun Facts about Eastern Milksnakes:

  • This Normal Phase Milksnake is a timeless classic, perfect for beginners!
  • Variable in color, ranging from red to burgundy with gray or white patterning.
  • Naturally occurring in the United States, from eastern Kansas to New York.
  • They inhabit regions of rocky hillsides and wooded areas.
  • Named “Milksnake” due to their frequent presence in barns where they hunt for mice; some believed they fed off milk.
  • With proper care, these snakes can live for 15-20 years in captivity.

Bring home your Eastern Milksnake today and enjoy the beauty and companionship of this remarkable species!


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