Egyptian Cobra For Sale


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Egyptian Cobra For Sale

Egyptian Cobra For Sale

Looking for Egyptian Cobras? Here are some key highlights:

  • Species: Naja haje
  • Source: Wild caught
  • Size: Approximately 4.5 – 5.5 feet in length from head to tail, with adults averaging 5 – 6 feet.
  • Diet: These voracious feeders regularly consume fuzzy mice.

Interesting Facts about Egyptian Cobras:

  • Habitat: Naturally occurring in northern Africa, Egyptian Cobras thrive in environments ranging from dry to moist savannahs and arid semi-desert regions.
  • Size: One of the largest cobras found on the African continent.

Why Buy from Us? Our Egyptian Cobras are ethically sourced and handled with care. Before making a purchase, please ensure compliance with your state laws, as these are venomous reptiles. By choosing us, you’re assured of receiving healthy and well-maintained specimens.


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