Greek Tortoise For Sale


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Greek Tortoise For Sale


Greek Tortoise For Sale

Explore our Greek Tortoises for sale. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Species: Testudo graeca
  • Source: Farm Bred
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Approximately 7 – 8 Inches in Shell Length, with adults growing to sizes of 6 – 8 Inches in Shell Length
  • Diet: Voracious little foragers feeding on fresh veggies and fruits.

Fun Facts:

  • Fantastic tortoises with golden-colored shells and Greek mosaic-styled black patterns.
  • Indigenous to North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Southern Europe.
  • Coming from its natural environment of rocky hills, Mediterranean scrubland, forests, fields, and meadows.
  • We recommend higher humid and warm temperatures for these tortoises, with hiding spots, water dishes, with a 50/50 mixture of loose and bark substrate.
  • With proper care and handling, these tortoises can live 50 – 100+ years in captivity.”


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