Japanese Kunishiri Rat Snake for Sale


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Japanese Kunishiri Rat Snake for Sale

Japanese Kunishiri Rat Snake for Sale

Discover our collection of rare Japanese Kunishiri Rat snakes available at incredibly affordable prices. These unique snakes, also known as Aodaisho snakes, are prized for their striking appearance and ease of breeding.

Habitat, Behavior, and Temperament

  • Habitat: Japanese Kunishiri Rat snakes are native to the forests and grasslands of Japan, where they inhabit a variety of environments.
  • Behavior: These snakes are primarily nocturnal and are often found hiding in leaf litter or under rocks during the day.
  • Temperament: Japanese Kunishiri Rat snakes are generally docile and can become tame with regular handling. They may musk when feeling threatened but are typically non-aggressive.


  • Enclosure: Provide a well-ventilated enclosure with hiding spots, branches, and a shallow water bowl for soaking.
  • Feeding: Feed appropriately sized rodents every 7-10 days. Frozen-thawed rodents are preferred to ensure the snake’s health.
  • Breeding: Japanese Kunishiri Rat snakes are known for their ease of breeding, making them an excellent choice for breeders and enthusiasts.

Why Buy from Us?

  • Rare Species: We offer rare Japanese Kunishiri Rat snakes at affordable prices, allowing you to add a unique addition to your collection.
  • Live Arrival Guarantee: With every purchase, you receive our 100% live arrival guarantee, ensuring that your snake arrives healthy and safe.
  • Expert Sexing: While we can’t guarantee the sex of the snake, our experienced team will make every effort to accommodate your preference.
  • Convenient Shipping: Enjoy flat-rate overnight delivery to your doorstep for just $49.99, regardless of the number of reptiles you purchase. We prioritize the safety of our animals and may delay shipping in case of unfavorable weather conditions. You will be promptly notified by email if this occurs.


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