Leopard Tortoise For Sale


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Leopard Tortoise For Sale


Leopard Tortoise For Sale

We offer Baby Leopard Tortoise for sale. Here are the highlights:

  • Species: Pardalis babcocki
  • Source: Captive Bred
  • Size: Approximately 3 Inches in Shell Length, with adults growing as large as 10 – 12 Inches in Shell Length
  • Diet: Voracious foragers feeding on dried grasses, vegetables, small amounts of fruit, and tortoise diet.

Fun Facts:

  • Unique shell patterning with beautiful black leopard spots.
  • Naturally occurring out of Southern Africa.
  • Staying in hot dry scrubland usually seeking escape from the heat in the underbrush and shady areas.
  • Slow-moving pets perfect for first-time owners all the way to long-term collectors.
  • With proper care, these tortoises can live 50 – 100 years.”



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