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Mangrove Monitor for Sale

Mangrove Monitor for Sale

Discover our selection of spectacular Mangrove monitors, available at the best possible prices. This South Pacific species is known for its stunning appearance, mottled with yellow markings, and can reach a length of approximately four feet. In the wild, Mangrove monitors are occasionally seen consuming young crocodiles.

Mangrove Monitor Habitat, Behavior, and Temperament

Native to the mangrove forests and coastal regions of Southeast Asia and northern Australia, Mangrove monitors are semi-aquatic reptiles. They spend much of their time near water and are excellent swimmers. These monitors are intelligent and curious, known for their active and explorative behavior. With proper socialization, they can become relatively tolerant of handling.

Mangrove Monitor Care

To provide optimal care for Mangrove monitors, it’s essential to replicate their natural habitat. A large, well-ventilated enclosure with both terrestrial and aquatic areas is necessary, along with plenty of climbing opportunities and hiding spots. Mangrove monitors require a varied diet consisting of insects, fish, small mammals, and occasionally birds.

Why Buy from Us?

When you choose to purchase a Mangrove monitor from us, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits:

  1. Live Arrival Guarantee: Rest assured, your Mangrove monitor will arrive healthy and safe. We offer a 100% live arrival guarantee.
  2. Expert Selection: While we cannot guarantee the sex of your monitor, our experienced team will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.
  3. Affordable Shipping: Benefit from our flat-rate overnight delivery to your doorstep for just $49.99, regardless of the number of reptiles, amphibians, or inverts you purchase.
  4. Weather Safety: In rare instances of unacceptable weather conditions, we may delay your order to ensure the safety of your animal(s). You’ll be promptly notified via email if any delay occurs.


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