Mexican Beaded Lizard For Sale


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Mexican Beaded Lizard For Sale

Mexican Beaded Lizard For Sale

Looking for Baby Mexican Beaded Lizards? Check out some key highlights:

  • Species: Heloderma horridum
  • Availability: Captive bred
  • Size: Approximately 6-8 inches in length, with adults averaging between 18 – 30 inches in total length.
  • Diet: These ferocious little foragers feed on raw eggs and pinky mice.

Interesting Facts about Mexican Beaded Lizards:

  • Appearance: These lizards feature gorgeous lava orange and yellow scales in mixed patterns from head to tail.
  • Habitat: Native to Central America, they are found ranging from Guatemala to Mexico, mainly inhabiting tropical areas. They spend small amounts of time above ground.
  • Behavior: Mexican Beaded Lizards are known for their unique foraging behavior and distinctive appearance.
  • Lifespan: With proper care, these lizards can live for 25+ years in captivity.

Why Buy from Us? Our Baby Mexican Beaded Lizards are bred and raised in a controlled environment, ensuring their health and quality. With our expertise and dedication, you can own these stunning reptiles with confidence.


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