Morelet’s Crocodile For Sale


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Morelet’s Crocodile For Sale

Morelet’s Crocodile For Sale

Explore our collection of Morelet’s Crocodiles (Crocodylus moreletii), also known as “Mexican Crocodiles”. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Species: Crocodylus moreletii
  • Origin: Farm Bred
  • Size: Approximately 12-14 inches in length from head to tail
  • Adult Size: Can reach lengths of up to 10 feet
  • Diet: Insects, fish, and occasional rodents

Fun Facts about Morelet’s Crocodiles:

  • Known for their large pronounced head scales, giving them an aggressive appearance
  • Before ordering, ensure you understand your state laws regarding ownership
  • Originating from Atlantic regions of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala
  • Typically found in forests near freshwater rivers, lakes, and streams

Important Note:

  • With proper care and setup, these crocodiles can thrive for 25-30+ years in captivity.

Bring the fascinating world of Morelet’s Crocodiles into your home. Purchase yours today!


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