Perinet Chameleon For Sale


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Perinet Chameleon For Sale

Perinet Chameleon For Sale

Discover our Perinet Chameleons for sale. Here are some essential details:

  • Species: Calumma gastrotaenia
  • Collection: Field Collected
  • Size: Approximately 4-6 inches from head to tail
  • Diet: Precision hunters feeding on vitamin-dusted crickets

Fun Facts about Perinet Chameleons:

  • These chameleons have smooth green bodies with brown or yellow undersides and a thin stripe along their sides.
  • They are fantastic animals living their lives in the treetops, hunting from branches.
  • Found in humid forests along rivers, they originate from the northeastern tip of Madagascar.

Enhance your collection with a Perinet Chameleon and enjoy the captivating beauty and unique behaviors of these remarkable reptiles!


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