Pinkbelly Sideneck Turtle For Sale


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Pinkbelly Sideneck Turtle For Sale


Pinkbelly Sideneck Turtle For Sale

We offer adult Pinkbelly Sideneck Turtles for sale. Here are some highlights:

  • Species: Emydura subglobosa
  • Source: Field Collected
  • Size: Approximately 8 – 10 inches in length. Adults can reach up to 10 inches in shell length.
  • Diet: Feeding on hatchling turtle pellets & silversides.

Fun Facts:

  • These turtles come with a bright pink color outlining their underbelly and the bottom jaw.
  • They are naturally occurring in freshwater in New Guinea and Australia.
  • These are highly aquatic turtles, living in warmer water around (75 – 82 degrees) along with a dry dock for them to bask.
  • With proper care, these turtles can live 30 – 50+ years in captivity.


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