Rhinoceros Iguana for Sale


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Rhinoceros Iguana for Sale

We have some rarely available Rhinoceros Iguanas for sale at the lowest possible prices. These majestic creatures possess perhaps the most prehistoric appearance among all iguana species. Omnivorous by nature, they can become extremely tame in captivity, making them truly remarkable reptiles.

When you purchase a lizard from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

Sexing Your Rhinoceros Iguana

Feel free to request a male or female lizard (or any combination) when you order our medium and adult-sized animals. While we can’t guarantee the sex, rest assured that our experienced team will attempt to fulfill your request.

Shipping Your Rhinoceros Iguana

We charge a flat $49.99 for overnight delivery to your doorstep, regardless of the number of reptiles, amphibians, or inverts you purchase. As responsible reptile sellers, we may delay your order in the rare event of unacceptable weather conditions to ensure the safety of the animals. You will be notified by email if any delays occur.


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