Shield Tailed Agama for Sale


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Shield Tailed Agama for Sale

Shield Tailed Agama for Sale

Looking for totally unique Shield Tailed agamas for sale at low prices? Our Shield Tailed agamas are peculiar-looking little lizards with a blunt, spiked tail, resembling a uromastyx. They are very rarely available in the reptile market.

Habitat, Behavior, and Temperament

Shield Tailed agamas are native to arid regions of Africa. They inhabit rocky areas and burrow underground to escape the heat of the day. These lizards are primarily herbivorous and enjoy basking under the sun. While they may be shy at first, with proper handling, they can become quite docile.


Proper care includes providing a spacious enclosure with plenty of hiding spots, a basking area, and a substrate that allows for burrowing. They require a diet rich in leafy greens and vegetables, with occasional treats of insects.

Why Buy From Us?

When you buy a Shield Tailed agama from us, you’ll receive a 100% live arrival guarantee.

Expert Sexing of Your Shield Tailed Agama

While we can’t guarantee the sex, our experienced reptile handlers will make every effort to accommodate your request for a specific gender.

Shipping Your Shield Tailed Agama

Enjoy a flat rate of $49.99 for overnight delivery to your doorstep, regardless of the number of reptiles you order. We prioritize the safety of our animals during shipping and may delay your order in case of unacceptable weather conditions.

Trust us to provide you with healthy, unique Shield Tailed agamas and ongoing support for your reptile care needs.


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