Smooth Helmeted Iguana For Sale


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Smooth Helmeted Iguana For Sale


Smooth Helmeted Iguana For Sale

Explore our collection of Smooth Helmeted Iguanas (Corytophanes cristatus) for sale:

  • Species: Corytophanes cristatus
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: Approximately 9-13 inches in length from head to tail
  • Adult Size: Typically growing to 13-15 inches in length
  • Diet: Feeding on various insects including crickets, roaches, and super worms

Fun Facts about Smooth Helmeted Iguanas:

  • Exhibit a variety of colors and patterns with unique head shapes
  • Native to Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico
  • Thrive in hot, humid climates, often found in trees and between bark
  • With proper care, these iguanas can live 8-10 years in captivity

Add the vibrant and distinctive Smooth Helmeted Iguanas to your collection today!


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