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Spiny Necked Monitor for Sale

We offer ultra-rare Spiny-necked monitors for sale at the internet’s lowest price. These captivating lizards are beautifully colored and hail from the Solomon Islands, making them a unique addition to any reptile collection.

Habitat: Spiny-necked monitors are native to the tropical forests of the Solomon Islands. They are semi-arboreal, spending time both on the ground and in trees, where they hunt for prey and bask in the sun.

Behavior and Temperament: Spiny-necked monitors are known for their curious and active nature. While they may initially be shy, with regular handling, they can become quite tame. However, they require ample space and climbing opportunities in their enclosure to exhibit natural behaviors.

Care: Providing a suitable environment is crucial for the well-being of Spiny-necked monitors. This includes a large, vertically-oriented enclosure with plenty of branches, vines, and foliage for climbing and hiding. They require a varied diet consisting of insects, small mammals, and occasional fruits.

Why Buy from Us?

  1. Live Arrival Guarantee: When you purchase a Spiny-necked monitor from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee, ensuring that your reptile arrives healthy and safe.
  2. Rare Species: Spiny-necked monitors are ultra-rare, and our specimens are sourced responsibly to provide you with a unique and exotic pet.
  3. Expert Selection: Our experienced team ensures that only the healthiest and highest quality Spiny-necked monitors are selected for sale.
  4. Affordable Pricing: We offer these rare monitors at unbeatable prices, making them accessible to all reptile enthusiasts.
  5. Secure Shipping: We offer flat-rate overnight delivery to your doorstep, ensuring that your monitor arrives quickly and securely. In the rare event of unacceptable weather conditions, we reserve the right to delay your order to ensure the safety of the animal(s). You will be promptly notified by email if any delay occurs.


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