Viper Boa For Sale


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Viper Boa For Sale


Viper Boa For Sale

Discover our selection of Viper Boas, scientifically known as Candoia aspera, available now! These captivating snakes are:


  • Field collected and approximately 18 – 24 inches in length
  • They remain smaller-sized boas, growing to about 30 inches as adults
  • Feeding on frozen-thawed or live adult mice

Fun Facts: Viper Boas vary in color and pattern, ranging from solid red to burgundy with dark stripes. With their menacing appearance, they bear a striking resemblance to the Death Adder.

Origins and Habitat: These boas originate from Eastern Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. They are terrestrial species, evident from their short, plump bodies.

Longevity and Care: With proper care, Viper Boas can live 10 – 20 years in captivity.


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