Black Roughneck Monitor Care Sheet

Explore our comprehensive Black Roughneck monitor care guide, crafted from extensive firsthand experience with these incredible reptiles. Known for their gentle demeanor and unique characteristics, Black Roughneck monitors are among our top favorites.

Black Roughneck Monitor (Varanus Rudicollis)

Description: Baby and juvenile Black Roughneck monitors boast primarily black coloration with vivid yellow and blue markings, gradually fading as they mature. Noteworthy physical traits include pyramid-esque scales on their necks and bird-like heads.

Size: While these monitors can reach lengths of up to 60 inches, adults typically measure between four to four-and-a-half feet. Hatchlings start at around 10 inches in length.

Behavior: Typically non-aggressive, Black Roughneck monitors exhibit curiosity and are known to engage with their caretakers. They prefer flight over fight and are often found exploring their surroundings.

Enclosure: As arboreal creatures, Black Roughneck monitors thrive in environments with ample climbing opportunities. Ensure sufficient space for both horizontal and vertical movement, as well as burrowing options.

Heating & Humidity: Maintain basking spots between 130°F to 150°F and humidity levels similar to their natural habitat. Regular misting and a deep substrate aid in humidity retention.

Lighting: While UV lighting isn’t mandatory, providing a basking bulb aids digestion and overall well-being.

Feeding: Their diet includes crickets, roaches, mice, and occasionally larger prey like chicks and crayfish. Offer a varied diet to stimulate their appetite and digestion.

Breeding: While breeding is rare in captivity, proper husbandry may encourage reproductive behavior.

Price Range: Prices range from $90 to $225, with most specimens being wild-caught imports.

Summary: Native to Southeastern Asia, Black Roughneck monitors are docile reptiles that favor flight over confrontation. With moderate adult sizes and outgoing personalities, they make captivating additions to reptile collections.

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