Childrens Python Care Sheet

Childrens Python Care Sheet

Explore our comprehensive Children’s python care guide, crafted from extensive firsthand experience with these captivating Australian snakes.

Children’s Python (Antaresia childreni)

Description: Named in honor of John George Children, a 19th-century zoological curator, Children’s pythons are known for their gentle nature despite their small size. Hatchlings boast deep hazel blotches on a tan base, with a rainbow sheen visible under certain lighting conditions.

Range: Native to Northern Australia, including the Torres Strait islands.

Size: As the second smallest python species, Children’s pythons typically reach lengths of up to 3 feet, with females slightly larger than males.

Behavior: Generally calm and manageable, these pythons exhibit curiosity and moderate activity levels. While hatchlings may display defensive behaviors, they usually become more docile with age.

Enclosure: Optimal housing includes shallow, clear plastic bins or aquarium tanks with secure ventilation. Provide appropriate hiding spots and substrate, ensuring ample space for movement.

Heating & Humidity: Maintain a thermal gradient using a low-wattage heat mat, with temperatures ranging from 85°F to 95°F. Humidity levels should mimic their natural habitat, with regular misting and a moistened substrate.

Feeding: Hatchlings feed on live pinkie mice, occasionally scenting with lizards for finicky eaters. Adult pythons transition to adult thawed mice, fed every 1-2 weeks based on appetite.

Breeding: Captive-bred Children’s pythons are increasingly popular within the reptile market. Breeding occurs with proper husbandry and can be facilitated by providing a thermal gradient and ample feeding for females.

Price Range: Prices range from $70 to $180, varying with size and age. Visit our main website to browse available pythons for sale.

Summary: With lifespans exceeding 20 years, Children’s pythons are ideal for reptile enthusiasts of all levels. Their manageable nature and ease of breeding make them a rewarding addition to any collection.

For more detailed care advice and to explore available pythons, visit our main website.

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