Albino Cherry Ice Tegu Foe Sale


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Albino Cherry Ice Tegu Foe Sale


Albino Cherry Ice Tegu Foe Sale

Check out our baby Albino Cherry Ice Tegu for sale! Here are the details:

  • Salvator Merianae X Salvator Rufescens
  • Captive bred in 2023
  • Approximately 8 – 10 inches in length
  • Adults average around 3-4 feet in length
  • Feeding on crickets, super worms, hornworms, and roaches, as well as cut-up gizzards and ground turkey with vitamin supplements
  • FUN FACTS: Parents are both 100% het and albino ice tegus, babies are 50% Chacoan, 37.5% Blue, 12.5% Red; all ice tegus are 66% possible het albino
  • These make excellent pets and become puppy dog tame with proper care and handling
  • Tegus are naturally found throughout South America, from Argentina to Paraguay and neighboring countries
  • For babies, we recommend a 20-gallon tank with plenty of heat and UVB lighting
  • These reptiles are diurnal hunters, staying active during the day and sleeping in burrows at night
  • With proper care and setup, these tegus can live 20 – 25 years in captivity


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