Argentine Red Tegu For Sale


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Argentine Red Tegu For Sale


Argentine Red Tegu For Sale

Looking for captivating reptiles to add to your collection? Discover our Baby Argentine Red Tegus Het Anery! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Species: Salvator Rufescens
  • Captive Bred Babies
  • Approximately 10 – 14 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • With Proper Care These Little Beasts Can Grow Up To 3 – 4 Feet In Length
  • Voracious Terrestrial Hunters Feeding On Crickets, Super Worms, Pinky Mice, And Turkey Mash

Fun Facts About Our Baby Argentine Red Tegus Het Anery!

  • One Of The Most Stunning Animals You’ll See, Very Rewarding Pets, Easily Tamable
  • Originating Out Of South America Ranging From The Argentinian Area
  • Thriving Best In Hot, Humid, Tropical Temperatures
  • Males Are The Larger Of The Species Growing Big Muscles Around Their Face Called Jowls
  • This Reptile Can Live 20 – 25+ Years In Captivity


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