Green Iguana For Sale


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Green Iguana For Sale


Green Iguana For Sale

Discover our healthy, Green Iguanas for sale (Iguana iguana):

  • Species: Iguana iguana
  • Origin: Florida Field Collected
  • Size: Approximately 2 feet in length
  • Color: Bright emerald green; adults can grow to 5-6 feet
  • Diet: Mixed vegetables and canned iguana food

Fun Facts about Green Iguanas:

  • Health: Florida field collected, ensuring they’re healthy and thriving, unlike typical imports
  • Habitat: Originally from South America and the Caribbean, now native to South Florida
  • Environment: Adapted to tree living, so provide plenty of branches for climbing and a water dish large enough to soak in
  • Lifespan: With proper care and handling, these iguanas can live 15-20 years

Add a stunning and robust Green Iguana to your collection today!


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