Green Thornytail Iguana For Sale


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Green Thornytail Iguana For Sale


Green Thornytail Iguana for Sale – Uracentron azureum Highlights

Explore our stunning Green Thornytail Iguana (Uracentron azureum):

  • Species: Uracentron azureum
  • Origin: Field Collected
  • Size: Approximately 4-5 inches in length from head to tail
  • Diet: Voracious hunters, feeding on crickets and other small insects

Fun Facts about Green Thornytail Iguanas:

  • Appearance: Bright green lizard with distinct black stripes and a short spiny tail
  • Habitat: Native to South America, found in Colombia, Guyana, Brazil, and Peru
  • Environment: Mostly arboreal, thriving in warm, humid climates

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