Guyana Redtail Boa for Sale


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Guyana Redtail Boa for Sale


Guyana Redtail Boa for Sale

Looking for a stunning addition to your collection? Check out our  Guyana Redtail Boa for sale. Here are the highlights:


  • Species: Boa c. constrictor
  • Field collected male, approximately 56-57 inches in length
  • Adults typically average around 6-8 feet in length
  • Feeding on live or frozen-thawed large rats weekly

Fun Facts: These boas are recognized as “True Redtail Boas” due to their bright red tail. Originating from South America, mainly from Guyana and neighboring countries, they are semi-arboreal snakes that thrive in hot, dense forests.

Longevity: With proper care, these boas can live for 20 – 25+ years in captivity.


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