Hermann’s Tortoise For Sale


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Hermann’s Tortoise For Sale


Hermann’s Tortoise For Sale

Discover our Adult Hermann’s Tortoise for sale. Here are the details:

  • Species: Testudo hermanni
  • Source: Farm Bred
  • Size: Approximately 4 – 6 Inches in Total Shell Length, with adults growing up to 7 – 9 Inches in Shell Length
  • Diet: Feeding on mixed greens, various vegetables, and Mazuri Tortoise Diet regularly.

Fun Facts:

  • Beautiful reptiles with sandy tan shells, dark mosaic-styled scutes, and slight ridged front legs.
  • A great pet tortoise because of their small size and large personality.
  • Originating from Southern Europe, ranging from Italy, Albania, Greece, Yugoslavia, and the Balkans.
  • These stay relatively small, an excellent species for an indoor enclosure.
  • Mediterranean species being found ocean-side, warm climates, normally living its life foraging for vegetation.
  • With proper care, these tortoises can live 30 – 60+ years in captivity.”


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